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Mark West Scholarship

Award amount: $1,000-$2,000

Award distribution: Fall 2022

Deadline to submit this application: 11:59 pm, June 03, 2022

Deadline for letters of recommendation: 11:59 pm, June 03, 2022

Application form:

About the Scholarship

The Mark West Scholarship has been established to support students who are engaging in scholarship related to disability studies and accessibility. The award is also open to those who are contributing to disability culture at Western in non-academic ways, such as through arts, activism or advocacy work. This award is made possible by the generous donation of Maureen West, WWU trustee and Disability Studies advocate. Awards will be selected by the co-directors of the Institute for Critical Disability Studies. 

Applications are due on 11:59pm on Friday June 3rd, 2022. To apply submit an application consisting of:

  • An application essay between 300 and 400 words
  • Letter of recommendation from a mentor, faculty member, or professional reference
  • Informal transcript, optional
  • Writing sample or supplemental materials, optional

Evaluation Criteria:

Applicants will be judged on three main criteria

  • Has the applicant demonstrated a high level of scholarly engagement with disability studies or disability- and access- related course work?
  • Has the applicant demonstrated a high level of extra-curricular engagement with disability-related arts, activism, or advocacy, either at Western or elsewhere?
  • Does the applicant demonstrate financial need for the award?

Application essays should focus on these three elements, if possible. However, applicants may be successful if they only demonstrate one of these elements. 

Letters of Recommendation

Recommendations should be around 300 words, and they should speak to the applicant’s academic potential or potential to contribute to campus culture. If possible, recommendations should also attest to the student’s potential for contributing in terms of disability-related academic work or advocacy.

Letters should be emailed by the recommender directly to: