Masks are still required in the DAC offices and Testing Center.  Masks available at door and upon request.

Emailing the DAC

When emailing the DAC, admitted students should use their Western emails.  Email addresses sent to DAC from outside the University are more likely to be filtered into Junk. If you don't know how to check your Western email, click here for assistance.    

DAC's general inbox can be reached at

Talk to an Access Manager!

The DAC is open to in-person and virtual appointments.  To schedule an appointment, call 360-650-3083 or email

Alternative Testing

If you're approved for alternative testing accommodations, you must schedule your in-person tests 5 business days in advance of quizzes and/or midterms and 10 business days in advance of your final exam.  Students applying reader/scribe accommodations must schedule all exams 10 business days in advance

Students who submit late requests will be unable to test in the DAC with accommodations and will instead be required to test in the classroom without accommodation.  

If you're unable to schedule your DAC proctored exam, please contact the DAC at 360-650-3083 or

Welcome to the DAC!

Welcome to the Disability Access Center (DAC), a Department within the Access Equity Diversity and Inclusion (AEDI) unit of Enrollment and Student Services Division at Western!

DAC provides equal access to students with disabilities and acts in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Who is eligible to receive services through DAC?

Any student with a physical, neurological, psychological, or sensory condition that significantly interferes with learning or participation in classes and campus activities.

Accommodations are individualized for each student through an interactive process. The interactive process includes an Access Planning Meeting, a collaborative meeting between the Access Manager and the student.  In the Access Planning Meeting, the student and Accommodations Manager discuss the ways in which the student experiences disability-related barriers in the context of education.  We'll work together to identify appropriate accommodations and/or auxiliary aids that create equal access and may include:

  • Books in Braille or electronic format
  • Furniture and equipment
  • Adaptive software
  • ASL Interpreting

To talk with an Access Manager, submit an application for accommodations and then call 360-650-3083 or email for an appointment.