Note Taking

Note-Taking Accommodation Overview

Note-taking accommodations are not a replacement for class attendance.  

Note-taking accommodations helps remove barriers to learning by augmenting student note-taking skills and ensuring access to information presented in class. Follow the instructions on this page to set up your note taking accommodation.

Are you a notetaker or are interested in becoming one? Learn more.

How to set up note taking

  1. Once you have been approved for a notetaking accommodation, come into the DAC to pick up Notetaker Referral Cards for each of your courses from the DAC front desk staff.
  2. Put your name and course information on each of the Notetaker Referral Cards.
  3. Student notetakers in your courses can be found in the following three ways:
    • Asking a fellow classmate in the course if they are willing to share their notes.
    • Contacting your professor and requesting assistance in making an anonymous announcement to the class. The following is a sample:
      • "There is at least one student in our course who needs a copy of the class notes taken each day. The Disability Access Center is looking for at least one student notetaker that is willing to upload their notes online every day. This is an hourly paid student employment position. If you have an excellent attendance record and you take accurate and legible notes, please see me."

    • ​​​​​​​By contacting the DAC at and requesting assistance. If the class announcement that your professor makes does not yield any potential notetakers, please immediately contact us so that the DAC can proceed.​​​​​​​

  4. After finding a classmate to take notes for you, give them a Notetaker Referral Card and tell them to fill it out and return the card to the DAC located in WL 170 so they can get paid.
  5. Notes are uploaded to myDAC within 24 hours of class finishing. They can be accessed and downloaded by looking under the “My Accommodations” menu and clicking on Notetaking Services.