Apply For Services

Step 1: Complete the DAC Application

This brief online questionnaire allows you the student to describe your disability experience and explain requested accommodations. We strongly encourage you to complete this step, even if you don’t have documentation ready.

Please use your WWU student email when filling out the Contact Information section.

Please note that this application may time out if it is not submitted within 20 minutes.  To avoid getting timed out, you might consider completing your answers in a Word document and then copy and pasting them into the application.  Please include whatever information you think will be helpful, but know that you can share more context and information in the next phase of the accommodation approval process (the Access Planning Meeting). The application questions ask:

  • Your personal and contact information 
  • To describe your disability or temporary medical condition. What is your experience or history with it? 
  • How may your disability or temporary health condition impact your experience as a student at WWU?
  • What campus or academic accommodations would you like to request?  (It's OK if you don't know what to request - we can cover that in the Access Planning Meeting.)

Apply for DAC Accommodations Here 

Step 2: Upload documentation (if available)

Step 2: Upload documentation (if available)

While you can begin the accommodations process without a letter from your doctor (third party supporting documentation), you will have a chance to upload documentation from your doctor, therapist, school, etc.

After your application has been processed, you will no longer be able to upload documentation. If you would like to provide any documentation after that point, it can be emailed to us at, dropped off in-person at WL170, or sent via fax at 360.650.3715

For more information, please review the documentation guidelines or give us a call.

Step 3: Schedule an Access Planning Meeting (APM)

Lastly, a DAC staff member will follow-up with an email to schedule an Access Planning Meeting (APM). If any information is incomplete, we’ll let you know. An APM can be conducted over the phone, in-person, or via Zoom.

Still have Questions?

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about this process. You can also request a consultation meeting with a counselor before completing an application for accommodations. Contact us at 360-650-3083 or