Apply For Services

Helpful items to gather before applying

WWU Universal username & password

W Number

Documentation (documentation guidelines)


DAC New Student Application

Step 1: Complete the DAC Application

This brief online questionnaire allows you the student to describe your disability experience and explain requested accommodations.  Please complete this step, even if you don’t have documentation ready.

Step 2: Upload documentation (if available)

After completing the DAC Application, you’ll be able to upload documentation.  Documentation establishes the nature of a disability and/or health condition and how it impacts the student in the educational environment.  Especially during this time of COVID-19, we understand that documentation may be difficult to obtain from your healthcare provider or school district–THAT’S OK AND WE’RE STILL GLAD TO MEET WITH YOU.  For more information, please review the documentation guidelines or give us a call.

Step 3: Schedule an Access Planning Meeting (APM)

Lastly, a DAC staff member will follow-up with an email and phone call to schedule an Access Planning Meeting (APM). If any information is incomplete, we’ll let you know.  An APM can currently be conducted over the phone, or Zoom.

Still have Questions?

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about this process. You can also request a consultation meeting with a counselor before completing an application for accommodations. Contact us at 360-650-3083 or