The Disability Access Center at Western Washington University recognizes the systemic inequality of access to healthcare in our society and the role culture plays when experiencing disability. If you are unable to procure documentation or are unsure about what qualifies as a disability, please contact our office.


Typically the Disability Access Center (DAC) requests that students provide documentation from a qualified healthcare professional that describes the disability and/or health condition, and explains the functional impact on the student’s academic experiences. If you have questions about whether documentation will be required for you, please call or stop in for drop-in hours.

Below is documentation information applying for WWU only. Please note other colleges or testing agencies will have their own guidelines or requirements.

Examples of Documentation

Letter from a healthcare provider

IEP or 504

Learning evaluation

Letter of accommodations at a previous institution

Documentation serves three purposes:

  • To establish that the student can be considered a person with a disability, and therefore eligible for protection against discrimination on the basis of disability.
  • To supplement information from the student regarding the impact of the disability.
  • To aid in the development of reasonable accommodations (auxiliary aids and services) designed to facilitate equal access to WWU environments on a case-by-case basis.


  • Includes a current diagnosis or otherwise verifies the nature of a disability
  • Discusses the functional limitation(s);
  • Describes the effect of the disability has on the individual’s ability to access the educational or housing environment.
  • Explains whether the disability/health condition is permanent or temporary.
  • Is from a qualified healthcare provider and includes:
    • Date
    • Contact information
    • License number
    • Signature or electronic signature

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