DAC Faculty Advisory Committee

DAC Faculty Advisory Committee

The DAC acknowledges the importance of ongoing dialogue and transparency between members of Western’s community, including faculty, in advancing holistic student development and inclusive achievement of students served by the DAC and beyond.  

Furthermore, while disability justice is the guiding lens of our work, the University works within the clear parameters provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Therefore, institutional compliance and mitigating the risk of legal exposure underscores the importance of clear communication throughout the accommodation process, including implementation.  

Given Faculty’s critical role in ensuring disability access within the classroom and to the curricula, members of this Advisory Group will serve as informal ambassadors for DAC. Advisory Group members will share information with colleagues about DAC-sponsored events, facilitate communication of DAC resources to colleagues, and work to center disability as a critical component of campus diversity. Through their service, the Advisory Committee facilitates bi-directional communication to assist the Director in proactively and responsively addressing the needs of Western’s faculty in support of students, fostering disability awareness, and furthering understanding of disability-related services to creating more inclusive institutional environments, free of barriers and bias

Faculty members are selected by the Director.  The Advisory Group membership is designed to provide a wide perspective on the diverse needs of disabled students in the University’s varied learning environments across discipline-specific pedagogies. Initial terms of service are for one academic year, with the possibility of renewal on mutual agreement of the Advisory Group member and the Director. 

The Advisory Group will have regular meetings twice each quarter, with possible limited additional meetings if needed. Members of the Advisory Board are also encouraged to attend events organized by the DAC. 

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