Amelia Flores, M.A.

(she/her/hers), Access Manager


Amelia has been at Western for 7 years and has been with the DAC all the while in various capacities. First as a student, earning her B.A. through the Environmental College, then as staff and now Amelia now has the opportunity to work as an Access Manager and enjoys building relationships across the campus community and addressing barriers to create an equitable and accessible educational experience for students at Western. 

Amelia has most recently completed her Master's Degree through Royal Roads University in Environmental Education and Communication. The mission of the DAC and the ADEI unit at-large serves as a real-world example of intersectionalism that is critical in environmental movements by centering the lived experiences of marginalized groups to increase access, equity, and inclusion through transformative and inclusive practices.  

Amelia enjoys collecting and listening to records, knitting, watching old movies, and spending quality time with loved ones.