Remote Participation Request - Winter 2022

The Disability Access Center is committed to increasing equity for the student experience and are partnering with faculty and staff to reach this goal. As the WWU community increases face to face classes, we have created additional space in our work to coordinate a process for the continuation of remote learning for emerging situations. Western Washington University will primarily offer in-person instruction in the 2021-2022 academic year. Most of the university’s academic programs have essential in-person components. Remote participation can be approved as a reasonable accommodation if a student’s disability makes them unable to participate in-person and the course objectives can be met remotely. 

Who is this process for?

This process is for disabled students who have a high-risk condition which has prevented them from being immunized for COVID-19 and/or participating in group activities. The DAC is committed to working through this process with any disabled student who makes a request. Please know that remote participation is determined on a quarterly and per class basis.

Is there a deadline for remote participation requests?

Yes. The deadline for requesting remote participation through the DAC for a disability related reason is January 10, 2022. This date is chosen because this is the last day a student can change classes without incurring a penalty.

Steps to request remote participation for Winter 2022

Step 1: Contact your academic advisor

If you have concerns about the modality of your upcoming courses, you should first contact your academic advisor to discuss possible schedule adjustments to meet your needs. There may be multiple class sections offered in different modalities or you may be able to substitute a different class for your program requirements/plan of study. If no alternatives are available, proceed to step 2. Skipping step one will result in a longer process for you as you will be redirected to complete this step.

Step 2: Cannot participate in a class with the modality offered

If you have already completed step one and your COVID-19 related concern has not been resolved, continue with step 2.

Complete a DAC new student application. Already completed a DAC application? Please send documentation specific to your need to participate remotely (see “Will I Need Documentation” below). Email documentation to

Step 3: DAC staff member will meet with you to explore options*

If you and your academic advisor were unable to find other course offerings that fit your plan of study (step 1), we may work with faculty to explore alternative modality options.

*We cannot guarantee a specific outcome. This means that some students who engage in this process will be granted permission to participate remotely during Winter 2022 and some students will not be.

*Implementation of a remote participation accommodation takes a coordinated effort with people outside of the DAC. Typical time to implement is about 2 weeks. This is an estimate and may be different for a specific accommodation.

Will I need documentation?

Yes, please submit a letter from a health care provider explaining the specific barrier and need to participate remotely. If you have a private healthcare provider, please utilize them first as they typically will have the most comprehensive information of you. If you do not have a private primary care provider or are primarily utilizing the Student Health Center for health care, they will be able to discuss your situation and may provide documentation. A provider’s letter of support must include the following:

  • A description of your professional relationship.
  • A confirmation of your relevant medical or mental health diagnoses.
  • A statement of support for remote participation, including an estimated end date when you can return to in-person classes.
  • A description of how your disability creates a significant barrier to your full and meaningful participation in an on-campus experience.
    • For students with increased risk as determined by the CDC: The description should include a holistic assessment of your health risks for being on campus, considering: your unique medical profile, the latest information on vaccine efficacy, and the university’s safety practices.
    • For students without high-risk conditions (e.g. mental health conditions): The description should include an explanation of why you need to participate remotely.